In the Age of War

Only in the 1956 Soviet Union could an ideological struggle create a personal identity crisis.

After the death of Stalin, Khrushchev pushed out the brutal signs of Stalinism in bold moves meant to generate a Soviet Renaissance. KGB Captain Mikhail Ivanko, a paragon of Stalinist virtue, is sent on a special mission far away, from which he is meant to never return, while his dog, Laika, becomes a symbol of Soviet space dominance.


Certain of the Communist virtue of his mission, Ivanko pursues a failed mission that makes him separate ideas of mission from drives for survival. 



A tale spanning centuries, from Old Russia to the Modern World ...

Coming soon.



"With enemies like this, we need to become some bad-ass ninja motherf***ers!"

The social upheaval of the 2010s-2020s settled into a utopia of equality and consideration of professionals' feelings.

After the CSJ (Class and Social Justice) Wars of 2037, the utopia boasts heroes the world can believe in -- protection service scientists in clean, magnetic and solar powered machines designed to protect the earth from boredom and feelings of mild threat.

But when a real alien threat arrives outside Earth's atmosphere,  Maurice, Tamara, Ivan, Kirk and Singh must band together like never before and accept the realities of war and life.

To fight this enemy, they must become Badass Ninja Motherfuckers.



The novel, now in graphic novel form.

Two survivors of history's most awful war are destined to cross paths, life after life after life, but they are always on a mission of mercy in every existence.

In this reality, Hitler's scientists developed The Bomb before the U. S., and the Soviets developed the integrated circuit before anyone else. After a reprieve from a stalemated World War II, Raymond crosses paths with Colonel Bennett, who must convince Raymond to develop his amazing powers over matter, time and space to defeat an even larger evil that threatens all human life.