No matter where in time or space, the soul transcends all things ...

Two survivors of history's most awful war are destined to cross paths, life after life after life, but they are always on a mission of mercy in every existence.

In this reality, Hitler's scientists developed The Bomb before the U. S., and the Soviets developed the integrated circuit before anyone else. After a reprieve from a stalemated World War II, Raymond crosses paths with Colonel Bennett, who must convince Raymond to develop his amazing powers over matter, time and space to defeat an even larger evil that threatens all human life.



From a small town in Texas, one man will captivate a nation through faith and mysterious power.

As a child from a church-based small town in Texas, Walter wanted to be like his hero, Walt Disney. Through sheer will, he rises to the top and wins the hearts and minds of the masses.

When the world has turned terrifying, America looks to the only man who has brought magic to their lives only to find he may be more supernaturally powerful than they thought.



A disgraced former military man finds truth has too many enemies.

After a Bad Conduct Discharge, Eddie Mayakovsky finds it takes desired skills to make money, and it takes money to acquire vital skills, so he goes into the only field that requires little vital skill: politics.

When he puts his intellect to work, he rules over a small town's election to get his start, but when he's successful at serving the people, all powerful interests turn against him with a cliffhanger ending that will leave you wanting more.



One day, many people disappeared.

Coming soon.