America's Promotion Problem

When people gather for rallies, there is a wave of support and emotion that swells. I've heard people discuss how a streamed ComicCon or Star Wars Celebration wouldn't work, because it would involve people alone who couldn't get hyped for the event, whereas with a room full of people -- that gets the blood pumping.

I wondered why suddenly I noticed Disney films associated nearly every title with some social cause. If you can reach people in their beliefs, reach people in their emotionally driven core, you sell them things. Some others have caught on -- Elizabeth Banks with her Charlie's Angels remake tried the Disney approach -- but they have largely failed, because it was once voice in the wilderness, sour grapes over failure.

One of Marvel's great pushes was to donate $1,000,000.00 USD to a national youth club in association with Black Panther. There was a fundraiser that raised $50,000.00 USD for kids to go see Black Panther, which inspired Brie Larson's drive to raise money so girls could go see Captain Marvel. How about just letting kids go see it? Why raise money for that? Disney could just disburse tickets to inner city, disadvantaged classrooms. Why are they conning the public into giving money to enrich billion dollar coffers if they actually had good intentions?

Social Justice themes in advertising/promoting films have created a backlash -- Don't tell me what to think -- but even that spawned thousands of articles and YouTube videos that, despite the tone of vitriol, helps promote the intellectual property. American media learned this early on, with CNN pandering to a specific demographic in a way that gets the other side to hate watch, just as Fox News does the same in response, just the other ideological direction.

So I'm talking to Americans now. You're mad at fake news. You're mad at emotions being manipulated against you. One is criminal, but one is not? It's okay if your own people do it to you? They're not just trying to filch money out of your pocket, but they're trying to sway your thoughts, just as you're saying foreign actors are doing. You're walking down the street, and someone clops you in the head. Do you lift your head from the ground and say, "Oh, no, it's cool, that was another American." Rise to your feet and salute. "You keep clopping people in the head, my fellow American."

In this time when mass media is suffering at the hands of COVID-19, this is your chance to dispose of the manipulation, to de-fund the manipulation, find new things that aren't preying on your emotional center.


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