May Day

This is written on 01 May 2020, and on this day celebrating the workers of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic had left millions upon millions unemployed, erasing years of economic recovery, while the least paid hazard the disease that could very well kill them to keep up the vital flow of survival goods with their only reward being a casual mention while advertising more product of those who absorb all the profit upwards while outpricing the average consumer. The governments, to whom every worker pays taxation on each and every cent, is caught on its heels and does not have the apparatus to repay in times of trouble what the worker has paid every moment in the principle that their financial service would offer safety nets in difficulty. The governments are beginning to prove their uselessness except in the service of the select few, but none of us should have had illusions about that. While people grow sick and die, while risk is ever-present, a news media which pretends concern for your well-being to gain your eyes on their subsidizing advertisers' wares, continues to politicize the pandemic, focusing not on the very real human cost, but on swaying your opinion to their ideology.

The efforts of endangered employees to gain recognition in a world where the waterline of devised and imposed expense outgains the height the boat of income, falls on deaf ears for the sheer lack of solidarity of the workers. Here in America, while better times caused a general relaxation, the fall of manufacturing makes this no more dangerous a time to maintain that relaxation. The only way to gain respect and security is through the collective bargaining unit, not just for your own cause, but for the causes of your fellows. The chief causes of crime are poverty and ignorance. If you desire a prosperous life, a life relieved of fear, standing up also for the greater good by forming solidarity with those who meet the demands of these business machines with dignity and superior performance, it is incumbent upon us all to support the efforts of the hardworking.

There is a learned helplessness, but this is a stage in the evolution. The more the workers cower and tremble, the more will be done against them in their meekness until point break. More can join to defend the worker which keeps their lands working, or we can all just keep our heads down to wait for that breaking point, but that breaking point is ugly, it is revolutionary.

On this May Day, remember the people on whom society is built, and how they are the least regarded, least recompensed, among us.


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© 2018 by Ilya Kralinsky.

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