The Truth

As a teenager I read Bhagavad-Gita and remained impressed with sensory control, transcendence, true form, yet without devotion we fall back to ingrained ways and gaze fondly on those meaningful missives with perverse longing. More on perverse longing later. But without channels to further explore, the reminders and devotion enforcement remained desired ghosts in the mind's recesses. The technological age, this remarkable, unprecedented, open communication we now possess renewed fascination with meditation and the foraging for enlightenment.

For four monthly payments of $240 each or $960, you can learn Transcendental Meditation™, and, see, I have to put the little ™ after the big TM, because the very name is trademarked, a jealously guarded name and secret that costs ... well, four monthly payments of $240 each or $960. You know this. We've all had it -- this glorious thing on the horizon and yet within reach, that itch on the mind's periphery, that golden thing that would unlock so much of what we yearn for, known and unknown only to sprint down that path and hit the invisible wall, wide-eyed, head tilted, mouth agape. That's what it costs? Oh, hell no. Dejection sets in. The Answer ... is four payments of $240 each or $960.

It reminds me of one of my favorite entertainments of teenage years: Pastor Bob. Pastor Bob operated out of Dallas, Texas, shark-skin suited, finely coiffed, given to breaking into speaking tongues -- the same phrase that meant a hundred different things, all centered around planting a seed with the Lord, sending money that will grow. The show was even called Success in Life Ministries in a seeming parody of such broadcasts.

This comparison begs the question: what is the line? What is the line between legitimacy ... and illegitimacy? The line between real and parody? As I examine these two, they both ring of parody, of illegitimacy, all due to one thing. But I will digress a moment to establish a strange fact of human nature that mollifies my umbrage.

I once listened to an expert who shall remain nameless who advised his sessions cost a lot of money, and people had to wait a long time for the session. There are three basic ideas that lend tremendous importance to humans: the cost, the wait, and the distance someone travels to perform or testify. In jury trials, it is known that an expert who has traveled from far farther away gains gravitas with individual jurors. This is basic marketing.

But now we are back to lines, to boundaries. What is the line? Here is something I learned a long time ago: if there is A Truth, it is The Truth, and it cannot be commodified, bought or sold. It cannot be concealed or packaged. It is there … or there … or in all things, hiding from the limited human view. It must be sought out. But that Answer is individual, it cannot be transferred, and it cannot be adequately related from one to another by human means. That’s it. No church, no book, contains it, and no yogi can keep it locked up and sell a word trained to another. There it is.

A woodworker makes his own furniture, an electrician wires his own house, a mechanic works on his own car, an attorney rarely represent him- or herself, a physician rarely treats him- or herself on the major things, but we are the woodworkers, the electricians and the mechanics. There or there or in all things, we exist there, we emerge from there, moment by moment, the last moment dying, we emerge new into the next moment like the frames of a film. But this thing we are in, it is what it is, we are what we are within it, and the deeper levels must be sought out. We look at a band of 88.1 to 107.7 when there are universes of shortwave out there.

Next, I will examine how we find these new frequencies.

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